The School of Emergance is a heart opening cosmic curriculum to educate and facilitate quantum awakening into the Aquarian Aira.

The school is a platform for shifting our wounded world into applied wisdom and wealth attraction for big hearted progressive healers so they can create real impact and influence on this planet! 
We have four activation points in the school of Emergance:


Start your light journey deep into Sisterhood

  • Access to Monthly Teachings from MaryKate Medicine - based on the energy of the zeitgeist, perfectly poised for the group dynamic and your evolution. 
  • Access to the ‘Stage of Emergance’ Woke-Shops offered by our in-School healers and teachers, learning from each other as we rise in leadership and facilitation of this new frequency.
  • Access to Live and recorded Sessions with MaryKate Medicines’ personal Teachers and Shamanic Circle as they arise. 
Sign up - £36 every 3 months
Sign Up - £132 full year (1 free month)


Deepen your relationship with yourself though quantum Devine Sisterhood

  • Access to Starlet curriculum PLUS
  • A secured seat around the fire in The Inner Sanctum of the Shamanic Sisterhood- The Coven. 
  • 2 Live Circles a month at the New Moon and the Full Moon each month - Teachings, Shamanic journeying and medications with MaryKate Medicine along with deep Divine Feminine facilitation in our close and supportive community of committed spiritual women. 
  • Opportunity for Personal Insights and spot channelling from MaryKate Medicine.
  • Access to the library of Coven meditations from 2020
  • This is a an energetically safe space to be held and to hold, to learn and to share, to journey and to journal and to be closely loved and held, contribute and be contributed to. 
Sign Up - £132 every 3 months
Sign Up - £484 full year (1 free month)


Inner Circle Magic

  • Access to Quarterly courses delivered by MaryKate Medicine  -  Topics such as:
  • Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology 
  • Q-Motion (beyond E-Motion)
  • Planets, Power and Possibilities 
  • Spirituality and Strategy  - Healing our way to Wealth
  • All courses offered will be Subject to the frequency of our collective and a codex of the present grids. 
Sign Up - £198 every 3 months
Sign Up - £726 full year (1 free month)


Apprentice in Awakening

  • All pass access to the school of emergence - workshops, teachings, coaching calls, courses and day events. 
  • Plus: Private WhatsApp Thread. Close Personal insights with MaryKate Medicine, intimate Weekly, sometimes daily messages from MaryKate to give deeper more personal information from her guides and teachers as it comes through.
  • Only for committed awakeners, through application only:
  • Ideal for those running their own Spiritual based business or community and have a genuine interest in releasing their emotional attachments to become truly free. 









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